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 Taylor X – Fire – Official Music Video

There’s no question that bluegrass, gospel and traditional country music reign supreme in the misty mountains of eastern Kentucky and the rolling hills of Tennessee but you won’t hear any twang coming from this coal miner’s daughter.

Born in Pikeville, Kentucky, the influence of many of the regions legendary artists is undeniable and the sweet sounds of mountain music remain deeply rooted at her core. Nevertheless, singer/songwriter, Taylor Giese is boldly pushing the boundaries and taking her place, center-stage in the world of pop.

The moment Taylor steps on stage her audience is captivated by this beautiful, green-eyed bombshell with porcelain skin and golden-red hair. Reminiscent of her pop idols, Beyonce and Janet Jackson, she combines a fierce sense of style with her heavily choreographed, dance-driven stage shows. Taylor Giese brings the goods from the studio to the stage and gives her fans exactly what they came for…high energy, power-packed music guaranteed to make you move.

The oldest of three children, Taylor moved with her family from Kentucky to Kingsport, Tennessee when she was 5 years old. There she would spend the remainder of her childhood developing the gifts that seemed to come as natural to her as breathing…singing, gymnastics and dance. At the tender age of 5 years old she made her singing debut at her kindergarten graduation. She began formal vocal training at 8 years old. It was evident to all that Taylor had something extra special. Taylor took her training in voice, gymnastics and dance very seriously, working hard and loving every minute of it. The years of hard work paid off with national titles in both Universal Dance Association and National Cheerleaders Association championships for her choreography and team performance as well as numerous wins in vocal contests. Since then she has trained at numerous studios including the prestigious Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood, California. Her experience as a Jazz and Hip-Hop instructor has inspired her to continue integrating these elements into her live shows.

“For me, the love of singing, writing, dance and gymnastics are all one. It’s hard to separate one from the others. They just go together as far as I’m concerned and I love to incorporate all of them in my shows,” says Taylor.

In 2012 Taylor caught the attention of Nashville, Tennessee entertainment entrepreneur, Bernard Porter, President of PCG Nashville~The Science of Artist Development. Seizing another opportunity to grow as an artist, Taylor signed with the company for intensive training and education of the business. “Taylor is a gifted entertainer destined to leave her mark. She possesses that indefinable something that can’t be taught and combines it with hard work, dedication and God-given ability. She encompasses everything we require in order to be a PCG artist…talent, potential and a great work ethic. I have no doubt that Taylor Giese has what it takes to make a profound impact in today’s market and we will do everything we can to help make it happen,” states Porter.

Taylor Giese is the perfect balance of intellectual and a self-proclaimed goof. She loves to laugh but she’s all business when it comes to her shows and perfecting every detail. She’s driven but also knows when it’s time to kick back in the hot tub and let her worries melt away. She’s strong and independent but she’s never afraid to be all woman, soft and feminine. Faith and family keep her feet firmly on the ground and she’s deeply dedicated to both.

Taylor has, no doubt, grown up a “country girl” and she’s thankful for the tremendous values that life taught her. It was the strength, confidence and perseverance she learned in those hills and hollers that inspired her to burst through the boundaries of her country roots and dive full throttle into the world of pop. It was the beat of a drum, the flash of fashion and the thrill of dance that connected deepest with her soul and she boldly took the steps to unleash the talent within her facing the challenge of unfamiliar territory.

She is a well of endless creativity, an innovator. She is a gifted writer with the look, the voice and the moves to make the world sit up and take notice. She is pop personified. She is…Taylor Giese.

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