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Savannah Grace wasn’t always the adorable, loveable and confident girl you see today.

At a very young age Savannah was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. She and her mother spent so much time at Vanderbilt Hospital it was considered home. Savannah had speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy. At nearly 3 years of age she was already being medicated and her parents were given strict orders to never leave her alone with her baby sister.

Savannah had to speak using sign language, sleep wearing a weighted vest and the parents were instructed in completely bizarre parenting techniques for her to survive. Savannah’s behavior was horrible and she was kicked out of programs and ran off teachers.

Over time Savannah slowly recovered and her family believes it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Now, 14 and into her second year of performing and songwriting, Savannah Grace is showing everyone that she is a natural at it! Savannah takes command of her audience, no matter the size, and a party ensues! She loves meeting and being around new people. She has been so humbled by her past experiences that she tries to share this with others her age.

Two original singles which Savannah Grace co-wrote:

Crush – 

Broken –

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Catch Savannah Grace performing on the the New Revolution Music Tour, The Good Times Tour, The Blitz Tour, and around Nashville with Tunes For Tots/Harmony Tour.

For info please contact James Lucente 561-699-8199



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