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Manny Blue is a bilingual singer/song writer, actor and dancer. Manny Blue is an overall entertainer ready to take the stage. Currently Blue find himself getting involved with quite a few Charities such as The Relay for Life, B.A.P Bully Awareness Protocol and The Make a Wish Foundation through Tunes for Tots just to name a few. Being able to give back to the community and charities has been a priority not just as an artist but as a person. Blue is Chasing his Dream and loves to encourage everyone to do the same.

Blue has been rocking the stage entertaining people for quite some time. Spending two years touring the local New York scene performing with a group he founded. The group did over a hundred shows including talent and local cable T. V shows to being one of the groups invited to perform for The Save the Children Foundation event in Las Vegas and appearing in local news papers such as the New York Daily News. When the group came to an end shortly after Blue auditioned for an independent label that was forming a Pop group called Shy Lovers. Blue made the cut and also helped put the group together. The group SL was taken to Stockholm Sweden to record the album. Unfortunately, the group broke up and although the album was recorded it was never released. After taking a break, Blue switched music directions and experimented with different sounds. While working with a rock band he was asked to be one of the artist featured on a pilot being filmed for the reality T.V show Angel Alamo’s The Making of an Empire. Shortly after wrapping up the pilot Blue was offered a deal with Strukk World Ent, an indie label which was also featured on the pilot. In 2011 Strukk World Ent released Manny Blue’s first single “You like the way” and the Spanish version” Mi Amor” which quickly made its way to radio in the U.S and Latin America.

Revitalized, focused with an enormous stage presence and charisma Manny Blue is ready to make a name for himself, working on new music ready to rock out and take his place on the charts. Patiently waiting for his chance to shine, he keeps motivated and keeps rocking out at every show. If you have a chance to catch him live do not miss the chance of getting your socks rocked off.

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