Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about what Tunes for Tots is?
Tunes for Tots is a community of extraordinarily talented musicians that have come together, as a team, to produce events that benefit children’s charities

How long has Tunes for Tots been in existence?
Tunes for Tots held its first event in April 2011. Since then, we have teams forming all across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. We currently have more than 1200 artists who participate.

Is Tunes for Tots a charity, non-profit, or 501c3?
Not yet. Historically, we have partnered with well-known charities such as Make-A-Wish, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Variety. We have just recently started the process of incorporating as a non-profit.

If it’s not a non-profit, what is it?
We actually see this as a 2-part organization. TFT PRODUCTIONS is focused on event producing and artist development; it’s structured as a for-profit entity. Tunes for Tots Worldwide will be the non-profit side that will fund projects and support the mission of other charities.

How is money raised on behalf of charity?
We sell tickets to our concerts. Raise donations in malls. And soon, we will have corporate sponsors and a merchandising arm.

How much of this money will go to the charity?
Once we’re incorporated as a non-profit, this will be determined by the board of directors.

I’m a performer, how can I get involved?
There’s an audition process. Currently, we ask that you email a performance video to our National Talent Coordinator, Alex Paster at alexpaster@tunes-for-tots.com. We will caution you that we’re looking for performers that are already somewhat advanced vocally.

What is the age requirement?
Our community consists of singers of all ages. Age isn’t a requirement. We’re looking for the extraordinarily talented with a desire to make a difference in the world with their music. We have singers as young as 8 years old and some much older than that.

If I join this community, what will the time commitment be?
This program is completely voluntary and does not have a time commitment. We create events and post them to a spreadsheet. Performers then choose which events they would like to perform. They can perform in as many as they like. We only ask that if a performer signs up for an event that they honor their commitment. We also ask that you promote the show(s) through all of your social media outlets and tag Tunes for Tots in your posts.

What happens if I sign up for an event and then I need to cancel a few days before?
We ask that performers give us at least 7 days notice if they need to cancel. If you cancel a few days before, it really depends on the reason. We understand that things happen. However, these events are also an audition for the next level of the program. We are looking at your professionalism, reliability, work ethic, ability to work with others, as well as your ability to draw and entertain a crowd. If you have a pattern of cancelling last minute, you will likely miss out on other opportunities that will be reserved for performers that have proven themselves over time.

What types of songs are you looking for at these events?
One of the principles of the program is creative freedom. You can sing any song you like, originals or covers, as long as it’s family friendly.

Can I set up events?
Yes. Another principle of the program is Empowerment. We’re looking for people who have a passion for causes and would like to create events to support them. We would work with you to provide the tools, structures, and support that you would need to create a successful event.

What types of venues do we perform at?
We perform in a variety of venues. For our shows, we focus on premiere music venues such as BB Kings, House of Blues, The Bitter End, etc. We also perform in theatres, malls, at beaches, fairs, etc.

How would I know about an event in my area?
We post events on the group page for that city and the worldwide group that we created on Facebook. We’re also building an email list that will help us stay in better contact with everyone.

What is the vision of the program?
We envision Tunes for Tots being a globally recognized fundraising model for children’s charities and a launching pad for musicians to take their careers to the next level. We anticipate having chapters in all of the major English speaking cities within 5 years.

Is there a fee associated with this program?
We don’t charge a membership fee. However, we do produce concerts as a team so for our showcase events, we do charge an entry fee to help cover expenses associated with those events.

What expenses do you have?
There are many. Staff, Insurance, Attorney, Accountants, Travel, Sound Engineers, Venue Fees, Internet fees, Printing, Design Fees, Telecommunication, etc. You’re not necessarily paying to play. You’re actually contributing to the future of the organization and opportunities that are being created on your behalf.

How is someone removed from the team?
Once someone is on the team, they wouldn’t be removed unless they chose to leave. However, there could be situations that would call for someone being removed. Those situations may include stealing money, sexual harassment, violence, or other risks. If a situation arises, TFT Staff or the local representative of the team should be informed immediately so the situation may be resolved as quickly as possible.

What do I do if I have a problem with something about the program?
One of the principles of the program is Open and Honest Communication. Everything can be resolved in communication. Keep in mind also, that if you’re thinking something, chances are someone else on the team is thinking it too. Just don’t gossip. Take it to someone that can actually do something about it. Call Jason Shockey, someone on the TFT Staff, or a local rep.

I have a friend in another city that really wants to start a chapter. What can I tell them?
Have them email Jason Shockey @ info@tunes-for-tots.com or call 954-826-4513.

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