Anouk Slootmans Music Video

Check out this video from this performer from the Netherlands.

Anouk Slootmans – Behind a Smile (original song)

Anouk Slootmans is an actress, singer, dancer and model (& voice-over, presenter) from the Netherlands (Europe). Anouk was born on March 30, 1996. Anouk has gained a lot of experience. When she was eight years old she started following weekly acting classes. She also started with dancing and singing classes. She attended these classes for eight years. Next to these regular classes Anouk followed many other workshops/classes by professionals in acting, singing and dancing. Anouk played many roles in musicals and plays.

At the age of thirteen Anouk participated in a tv contest and ended up on a set of a new movie. She was used to the theater and now got a glimpse of camera acting. Anouk really liked it and wanted to try that as well. At her first audition in 2011 she already got the lead. Then everything went really fast. Right now Anouk has been featured in many movies, series, commercials etc.

In 2013 Anouk joined a music label and focused a bit more on her singing. She started writing and released her first single ‘Behind a Smile’ in October. The day after the release it immediately hit the 52nd spot in the Itunes top 100. ‘Behind a Smile’ has been featured in many more charts as well. In november the music video came out.

In December she wrote and released her second single ’24/7′ worldwide. Both original songs were broadcast on tv and radio. Anouk performs often. At some point Anouk was really into dancing and did more dancing jobs. Anouk dances several styles but prefers hiphop and lyrical. She would like to dance more. During all of this Anouk were approached for a modeling job and started to do modeling jobs as well. She also did several presenting and voice-over jobs. Next to all of these activities Anouk is doing gymnastics on a higher level (three times a week). Anouk loves the USA. Anouk is really motivated and really pursues all these things she likes to do.

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